Welding Accessories

The well-equipped welder has a lot of gear in his or her toolbox. First on the list is protective gear in the form of a good welding helmet.

Choose a standard or auto-darkening helmet by Jackson, Miller, or one of the other top manufacturers. Another must-have is a good pair of leather welding or work gloves.

Other welding accessories include guns and torches, welding clamps, magnets and pliers. Filler metals include steel and aluminum stick welding electrodes, TIG and MIG welding wire, brazing alloys and carbon arc gouging rods. And a good tool bag is a great way to transport those necessary tools to your next job site.

Larger, in-shop accessories include workstations and work benches. The Miller ArcStation is an all-in-one workstation designed for all types of metalworking and welding.  You might also consider a good fume extractor to remove toxic welding fumes out of your work environment. And a welding umbrella for protection from the sun and rain on those outdoor work assignments.

Note for MIG welders – if you do a lot of MIG welding, as opposed to stick welding, you’ll need a darker lens filter on your helmet. MIG welding produces a more intense uv radiation, and is up to 30 times brighter than stick welding. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for a new welding helmet.


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