Smith Welding

Smith Equipment Manufacturing was founded by Elmer Smith as Smith Inventions in 1916. Located in a garage in Minneapolis, it was primarily a design and manufacturing operation building a line of oxy-acetylene welding and cutting equipment.

Over the years, Mr. Smith added other products and businesses but, for the most part, oxy-fuel gas apparatus was the primary product that stood the test of time.

Smith Equipment offers an extensive line of cutting torches, gas regulators, tips and replacement gauges, and boasts its trademark “LIFETIME” warranty, one of the strongest warranty and service agreements in the industry.

Smith also serves the HVAC and jewelry industries with a line of specialty products developed specifically for these unique applications. Other Smith products include gas mixing devices, aircraft pitot tubes and specialty gas mixers.

Smith serves the following industries: construction, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, maintenance, salvage, “low grade” specialty gas, instrumentation (pitot tubes), jewelry, hobby, HVAC and general industrial. Smith Equipment currently has 165 employees located at the Watertown facility.

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